The TrailJams website has many resources for learning tunes and sets (medleys). The links below provide paths for finding them. If you would like to join our sessions or jams, the TrailJams music collection gives you an idea of what tunes to expect, and resources to learn them. You can also make good use of this collection for your own sessions or jams, or just for building your repertoire.

Irish/Celtic Session Tune List

The Irish/Celtic Session Tune List provides the most complete list of tunes and links in the TrailJams collection, which makes it a great destination to explore. The list is updated frequently, and is in a form that makes it easy to print or to view on your phone or tablet.

Tunes and sets we have played together, with links to resources.

Tune of the Week

The Tune of the Week page is a great jumping-off point to explore the tunes that the TrailJams group has specifically chosen to work on. From there you can jump to a page for each tune. There you will find the musical score (dots), links to recordings, and more, to help you learn the tunes.

Tunes chosen by the TrailJams group to practice and then play together.

Set of the Month

The Set of the Month page lists groupings of tunes (medleys) that are featured each month by the TrailJams group. The tunes in these sets generally draw from recent “Tune of the Week” tunes, so the sets provide a context to play those tunes.

Tune sets (medleys) chosen by the TrailJams group