Irish & Celtic Sets

These are sets (medleys) of tunes that are sometimes played in the TrailJams Irish / Celtic sessions. They have either stood the test of time and remained favorites, we have recently started playing them, or we are about to give them a try. Sets marked with a star (⭐) are favorites, meaning we’ve played them many times. This list is revised as we add new favorites, remove old favorites, or make adjustments to individual sets.

Ten Featured Tune Sets

These 10 sets are built around the most recent Tunes of the Week. Click a link to jump to a TrailJams web page with play-along tracks for practicing the tunes together in sequence. From there you can jump to pages for learning each tune in the set.

More Tune Sets – The Big List




Slip Jigs & Hop Jigs





Mixed Sets

  • Crested Hens Set: The Crested Hens / Mazurka Limousin