Favorite Irish & Celtic Sets

These are sets (medleys) of tunes that are favorites in the TrailJams Irish / Celtic sessions. They have either stood the test of time and remained favorites, we have recently started playing them, or we are about to give them a try. This list is revised as we add new favorites, remove old favorites, or make adjustments to individual sets.


  • Banshee Reel Set: The Banshee (G) / Cooley’s (E Dor) / Maid behind the Bar (D)
  • Far from Home Reel Set: Far from Home (G) / Silver Spear (D) / Star of Munster (A Dor)
  • Julia Delaney’s Reel Set: Julia Delaney’s Reel (D Dorian) / Tam Lin (D Minor)
  • Merry Blacksmith Reel Set: The Merry Blacksmith (D) / Drowsy Maggie (E Dorian) / The Wind that Shakes the Barley (D)
  • Mountain Road Reel Set: The Sally Gardens (G) / The Mountain Road (D) / Miss McLeod’s Reel (G)
  • Silver Chair Reel Set: The Silver Spear (D) / The Earl’s Chair (D) / The Musical Priest (Bm)


  • Blarney Pilgrim Jig Set: The Blarney Pilgrim (D Mixolydian) / Jimmy Ward’s (G) / Gander in the Pratie Hole (D Mixolydian)
  • Gallagher Jig Set: Gallagher’s Frolics (Em or E Dorian) / The Pipe on the Hob (3-Part; A Dorian) / The Hag at the Churn (D Mixolydian)
  • Haste to the Wedding Jig Set: Haste to the Wedding (D) / Jerry’s Beaver Hat (D) / Larry O’Gaff’s (G)
  • Lilting Banshee Jig Set: Lilting Banshee (A Dorian) / Cliffs of Moher (A Dorian)
  • Morrison’s Jig Set: Morrison’s Jig (E Dorian) / Kesh Jig (G) / Swallowtail Jig (E Dorian)
  • My Darling Asleep Jig Set: My Darling Asleep (D) / Out on the Ocean (G) / The Moon and Seven Stars (D)
  • Scatter the Mud Jig Set: Scatter the Mud (A Dorian) / The Black Rogue (D) / Old Favorite (G)


Brosna Slide Set: The Brosna Slide (G), O’Keefe’s Slide (A Dorian), Denis Murphy’s Slide (D)

Slip Jigs

Fig for a Kiss Slip Jig Set: A Fig for Kiss (E Dor) / The Boys of Ballisodare (G)


  • Ha’penny Hornpipe Set: Poll Ha’penny (A Mixolydian) / Tuamgraney Castle (A Dorian) / Kitty’s Wedding (D)
  • Peacock’s Feather Hornpipe Set: The Peacock’s Feather #1 (D Dorian) / The Peacock’s Feather #2 (D)
  • Harvest Home Hornpipe Set: Harvest Home (D) / Boys of Bluehill / Rights of Man
  • King of the Fairies Hornpipe Set: King of the Fairies (E Dorian) / Pride of Petravore (Em)


  • Ballydesmond Polka Set: Ballydesmond Polkas (A Dorian) #1/#2/#3
  • Captain Bing Polka Set: Captain Bing (G) / Mairi’s Wedding (G) / Britches full of Stitches (G) / Britches full of Stitches (A)
  • Little Diamond Polka Set: Little Diamond Polka (D) / Murroe Polka (G) / Maids of Ardagh (D)


Mixed Sets

  • Crested Hens Set: The Crested Hens / Mazurka Limousin