Irish & Celtic Sets

These are sets (medleys) of tunes that are sometimes played in the TrailJams Irish / Celtic sessions. They have either stood the test of time and remained favorites, we have recently started playing them, or we are about to give them a try. This list is revised as we add new favorites, remove old favorites, or make adjustments to individual sets.

Featured Tune Sets for March, 2023

These featured tune sets incorporate current or recent Tunes of the Week. For each featured tune set, there is a TrailJams web page that has play-along tracks for practicing the tunes together in sequence. Practicing the tunes in the context of sets, and then playing them that way in our sessions, will help them take root in our shared repertoire.




Brosna Slide Set: The Brosna Slide (G), O’Keefe’s Slide (A Dorian), Denis Murphy’s Slide (D)

Slip Jigs



  • Ballydesmond Polka Set: Ballydesmond Polkas (A Dorian) #1/#2/#3
  • Captain Bing Polka Set: Captain Bing (G) / Mairi’s Wedding (G) / Britches full of Stitches (G) / Britches full of Stitches (A)
  • Little Diamond Polka Set: Little Diamond Polka (D) / Murroe Polka (G) / Maids of Ardagh (D)


  • The Girl I Left Behind Me Set: The Girl I Left Behind Me (G) / Ger the Rigger (A) — (Note: both of these tunes are also categorized as polkas.)


Mixed Sets

  • Crested Hens Set: The Crested Hens / Mazurka Limousin