Irish & Celtic Tune List

This is a selected list of Irish and Celtic tunes we have played together at TrailJams sessions. If you are coming to a TrailJams Irish session, this will give you some idea of tunes the group is likely to know. If you are building your own Irish tune repertoire, or starting a new session, consider this as a suggestion list of tunes to start with.

Tune of the Week” tunes are in bold — these are tunes that the TrailJams music community has given special attention to learning and playing. Click the link on a tune name to go to a page with recordings, sheet music, and other resources for learning the tune. Tunes marked with a star (⭐) are favorites, meaning we’ve played them many times. For some tunes there are links to resources, like The Portland Collection or The Session, with versions similar to the way we played them. (You’ll find these and other useful resources on the TrailJams Resources page.) If you are uncertain about modes, the article “Dorian, Mixolydian, Oh My: Modes in a Nutshell” has a brief and painless explanation.






Slip Jigs & Hop Jigs 9/8

Slides, 12/8

Waltzes, 3/4

  • Arran Boat Song (Em)
  • ⭐Ashokan Farewell, The (D, Jay Ungar) See: The Session #4
  • ⭐Crested Hens, The  (E Dorian, bouree) The Session #1
  • Far Away (Bm)
  • Hector the Hero (D, air, lament, by James Scott Skinner (1843-1927))
  • ⭐Inisheer Waltz (G, air, by Thomas Wash circa 1980)
  • ⭐Josefine’s Waltz (G)
  • Lord Inchiquin (D)
  • Si Bheag Si Mhor (D)
  • Skye Boat Song (G)
  • ⭐South Wind (G)


Barn Dances

Other Tunes

  • Flowers of Edinburgh, The (G)
  • George Brabazon, Planxty (G)
  • ⭐King of the Fairies, The  (E Dorian)