Rollicking Petticoat Jig Set

Jigs: The White Petticoat / Donnybrook Fair / The Rollicking Boys of Tandragee

Donnybrook Fair, Joy of My Life, traditional Irish Jig. (Illustration of cow and blue ribbon). Illustration copyright 2023 Jonathan Lay.

The Tunes

For sheet music and other resources for learning a tune, click on the tune’s link.

Play-Along Tracks

Play from the Dots

The White Petticoat (Em)
Donnybrook Fair (G)
The Rollicking Boys of Tandragee (Em)

Tips: Each change of tunes is signaled by a spoken “hup.” Use the Playback Speed control to increase or decrease the playback tempo. (Click on the 3-dot symbol on the right-hand side of the the player to get to the Playback Speed control.)

Moderate tempo 90bpm, no repeats
Moderate tempo, 90bpm, repeat each tune 3x