Cronin’s Hornpipe

Hornpipe, G, Traditional Irish
Also known as Paddy Cronin’s Hornpipe; Denis Murphy’s Hornpipe.

TrailJams Tune of the Week. Cronin's Hornpipe. Traditional Irish Hornpipe. Play it together August 14, 2022.

This whimsical tune makes it easy to feel the sway, shuffle, and rock-rock-rock of the hornpipe dancer.

Be sure to look at the “Nifty Mnemonics” lyrics below for a handy way to remember the melody.


Dots (Music Notation)

As always for traditional tunes, the musical notation and chords do not indicate the “right” way to play the tune, but are a useful reference. Hornpipes are played with swing and ornamentation that isn’t shown in the sheet music.

Sheet music for Cronin's Hornpipe, traditional Irish hornpipe in G Major. Arrangement by Jonathan Lay, August 7, 2022. Chords for Cronin's Hornpipe.
Play from the Dots
Slow tempo 55bpm
Moderate tempo 75bpm


Examples of sets that include this tune.

  • The Humours of Tullycrine / Cronin’s Hornpipe
  • The Stack of Barley / Cronin’s Hornpipe

Nifty Mnemonics –
Lyrics for Remembering the Tune

Here are some lyrics to help you remember how the tune starts. They are not traditional, and they are pretty silly.

Descending stairs, barefoot. Image by Klaus Hausmann, used with permission.
Cronin's Hornpipe -- memory aid lyrics by Jonathan Lay

A Part (2x):
   When I get up in the morning, and I hear the roosters, Cronin
   And I do a kind of hornpipe as I stumble down the hall
   It's not joy that gets me jumping, but what gets my heart a-pumping
   Is surprise of bare feet finding little toys on the floor

B Part (2x):
   Oh the kid that plays with Legos, is the cause of my lumbago
   And the cat that scatters caltrops in the night can make me roar
   But then I love those little creatures, with their quirky little features
   I'll be on my knees to play with them in one minute more

(Copyright Jonathan Lay 2022)

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