Banshee Reel Set

Reels: The Banshee / Cooley’s / The Maid Behind the Bar

This savory set of tunes ranges from jaunty major key moods to haunting minor key moods. It is built from three TrailJams Tunes of the Week.

TrailJams Banshee Reel Set: The Banshee; Cooley's Reel; The Maid Behind the Bar

The Tunes

Dots (Music Notation)

Play Along

Play from the Dots

Tips: Use the Playback Speed control to increase or decrease the playback tempo. (Click on the 3-dot symbol on the right-hand side of the the player to get to the Playback Speed control.)

Slow tempo 65bpm, repeat each tune 2x
Moderate tempo 85bpm, repeat each tune 2x


A crucial part of learning traditional tunes is listening to them played in the traditional style by a musician. Mekela (Rayburn) Valenzuela has published a video of her playing the set on fiddle at a modest tempo.