Far From Home Reel Set

Reels: September 2021, Reels: Far from Home / The Silver Spear / The Star of Munster
A set of traditional Irish reels.

TrailJams Far From Home Reel Set: Far From Home; The Silver Spear; Star of Munster

The Tunes

Dots (Music Notation)

Sheet music for Far from Home. Traditional Irish reel. Key of G. Arranged by Jonathan Lay 9/3/2021. Chords for Far from Home. trailjams.org

The Silver Spear. Traditional Irish Reel. D Major. Arranged by Jonathan Lay 5/5/2022. Chords for The Silver Spear. trailjams.org
Sheet music for The Star of Munster, traditional Irish Reel. Key of A Dorian. Arranged by Jonathan Lay 8/20/2021. Chords for The Star of Munster. trailjams.org
Play Along

Tips: Use the Playback Speed control to increase or decrease the playback tempo. (Click on the 3-dot symbol on the right-hand side of the the player to get to the Playback Speed control.)

Moderate tempo 80bpm, once through each tune